Elephants in the room, with audio by ‘Unforsenities’

Please come listen to this great audio recording!!!

In mind and out

I am reblogging this post to include this stunning audio recording by Tim, from ‘Unforsenities. Tim is a great writer and friend, and his recording of Elephants in the Room gives it such depth and drama that the written words just don’t create. I was so grateful to receive his recording of my writing. Thank you Tim!

Please listen to Tim’s recording of this piece via this link:

elephants in the room (recording by Tim)

Please also visit Tim’s blog, Link here.

Elephants in the room

It seemed I was in the mood for reflections and dark dreams, whether I liked it or not. Some things you don’t get to choose.

I knew it by the way my thoughts were shifting in the shadows, taking form and approaching me while I was sleeping. Snipers at the window of my soul, following my spine with their menacing, ancient eyes. Gathering…

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