In Defense of ‘Trashy’ Beach Novels- Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I am a voracious reader. My preferred reading style is to consume books, from beginning to end, in a single sitting. I’ve never possessed the required discipline, or desire, to limit myself to a chapter before bed and then laying the book aside until the next night. I’m much more likely to read until dawn. Perhaps I am impatient. Books in a series present the same challenges of a marathon. I plan and schedule accordingly and can finish trilogies in a weekend.

The pace is not sustainable if you have multiple interests. The result is my reading takes on a seasonal feel. There are definite periods when my reading list shrinks precipitously, and seasons when it grows taller than a skyscraper. My selections allow me to explore unknown worlds, discover captivating facts, and entertain controversial viewpoints. The books unlock diverse thoughts and create interesting connections that further fuel my desire…

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