Tranquil Night! :)


Tonight, it is just my daughter and i and the dogs. These nights are far and few between, a rarity! It has been a pretty calm day and i am basking in the serenity of peace as we speak! For dinner, i made chicken burritos, absolutely delish, and of course made with antibiotic free chicken and olive oil butter with omegas. I had the music turned up and was dancing in the kitchen while i cooked. My favorite thing to do! 🙂 Complete calm and fun! I love these nights of peace and fun as i am a fun, loving , passionate woman who hates boredom and negativity and chaos!

Someone once asked me, what my biggest fear in life was, my response, not living! I believe in life we get one, we need to live it to the fullest, live what makes us happy and leave what does not…

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