To live is to prepare for goodbye

Beans, Pen & Nirja

Never confess your love, even its hard to breath
even if you would die for it

For love is like a season, it comes and goes to decorate life
and the moment you call it love
it melts away, just like an ice sculpture

At the end, some look back on being loved
while some look back on having loved

I shall look back on being loved

Don’t shiver in the pouring love, instead get loved

For love loneliness is a friend, who will not betray


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What Is The Colour Of Guilt? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon



"There comes a time when silence is betrayal."  Martin Luther King Jr.

What Is The Colour Of Guilt? We thought he had a gun, she was in the way, he walked towards me, she was similar to the picture, he was eratic, he was suspicious, she reached into her handbag he was filming me, she was unwell, he looked like a perp, he was known, he argued, the neighbour said, we didn't know it was a phone, he crashed his car, there was a phone call, O, it was a toy gun, He shot himself while handcuffed, he was running, he was asleep but he was armed, he was in the shop, He was high, she was arguing, there were drugs, he laughed, O, he was in his own yard, mistaken identity, he was helping police, he looked at me, he was mentally ill, she was homeless…

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