By Nichole Sulpizio And Charles Robert Lindholm

He Loves
That She Loves Him,
And That She Is His,
Heart And Soul,
And Sweet,
Beautiful Body, Too

Sweet Is She
With A Tender
And Loving Heart
And With A Soul
He’s Bonded To

Her Lips
Taste Like Cherry
As He Drinks
In Her Kisses

She’s Naughty
And Nice
And He’s Paid
The Price,
For She Has
Stolen His Heart

He Knows
How She Plays
And In So Many Ways
He Loves The Hurts
She Puts On His Body

Nips On His Lips
And Love Notes
That Mark Him
And A Swat
Whenever He’s Bad

She Gives Him
The Best Of Both Worlds,
She’s The Girl Of His Dreams,
Loving And Sweet

She’s Every Man’s Fantasy,
Wild And Crazy
And A Devil At Night
But An Angel From Heaven
In The Broad Daylight

With A Thirst For Each Other
And A Hunger Too
With A Lust Never Ending,
Like A Love That Is New

Loving And Sweet,
In Love For A Lifetime,
But A Devil And Angel
Still Making Love,
In The Nighttime

The Best Of Both Worlds

Copyright © 2020 Nichole Sulpizio And Charles Robert Lindholm
All Rights Reserved – 05-30-2020 – 9:30 a.m.

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