Truths In Life! The Mirror Reflects The Soul xoxo


Things i learned in life xoxo

1.) The journey may be long, painful, treacherous but after all the blood, sweat and tears comes the most beautiful ending that one never knew existed.

2.) Being hostile, getting revenge, intentionally enjoying inflicting harm, only hurts the one whom thinks they are hurting someone else. I believe these behaviors eat at the soul of the person trying to inflict harm. There is no winning in selfishness or cruelty. In fact it is quite the opposite! Glance again before you think you have won because what you think you have won….YOU ALREADY LOST!

3.) Any person who holds truth and honor will NEVER be defeated even if they wear many battle scars.

4.) Greed will get you nowhere even in the riches you believe you inherited.

5.) When you think you hurt her or him, take a closer look as she or he is…

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