Last Words

Go Dog Go Café

As I write my last words today-
April’s fragrant zephyr kisses my face
This beautiful unique day will not be
Wasted on morbid news of this disease

But rather I’ll dream-
Of simple things like a sultry caressing breeze
And birds singing their love songs from on high in trees
Because spring is for mating and a time of nesting

I’ll watch the calm honeybees-
Floating from blossom to blossom
Gathering golden pollen and resting
Nestled in sweet scented petals

And I’ll cherish-
The way your eyes meet mine at dinnertime
Your warm callused hand clasping mine
Our prayers of grace and hope we murmur everyday

So my last words uttered will be-
This precious life of simple pleasures
None that gold or silver can buy
Are priceless memories to me

©2020 Linda Lee Lyberg

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