Taking a Break with Nature – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Working on project deadlines, while keeping current on the normal everyday grind, means hours turn into days of sitting in front of computer screens. Headphones stream my favorite music to keep me centered as I flip from one screen to the other, and words fill the page. Mandatory conference calls and essential webinars punch holes in a tight schedule. I download files, manipulate, massage, update, and verify before I push them to the end-user.

The room rocks, the thunder rolls, and the reason for the room’s darkness slowly dawns on me. They predicted late morning thunderstorms, with clearing skies and moderate afternoon temperatures. Pulled from the fog, I realized my body is stiff from sitting. My shoulders ache from tension, and I decide other people’s deadlines must wait.

Outside, the world smells fresh and clean. The sun sparkles, and the breeze shakes raindrops from tree leaves. The pressures disappear, I…

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