Ensuring A Busy Day Isn’t A Waste of Time – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I detest having to deal with trivial tasks that do nothing to move me closer to achieving my goals. I ignore, delegate, or pay to minimize them. Still, certain obligations require my attention. Since I like to pretend to be a responsible person, there is only so long I can delay the inevitable. So, I set another goal, one where I accomplish the dirty deeds in the most efficient, and least disruptive manner possible. Grouping these repugnant duties, and dispatching them all at once, makes them less obnoxious. Every few weeks, I schedule a busy-ness day.

On the appointed day, I create a game plan and trick myself into completing as many of the horrible necessities as I can manage. I map my route, and with my agenda in my hand, I stand at the starting line. The starter’s gun fires and the race begins. I dash around the house…

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