I Still Want Him

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

I still want him.
I want the first night when we slept in each other’s arms,
legs wrapped around each other.
I want the first kiss, the slow dances, the first time.
I want it all.
I want the weeks before we made love, the anticipation.
I want his soft words and his rough hands.
I want to feel his wrists on mine, holding my arms down, as he makes love to me through my clothes.
I want his cocky smile that promises me that we will always feel this rawness, this intensity, even though it’s a lie.
I want to sit on his lap while he rocks us to sleep.
I want to see me through his eyes again, to feel young and sexy and wild.
I want his cutoff tee shirts thrown on my bed, his dirty work boots by my door.
I still want him.

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        1. Hey, I can’t even keep up with what you have been doing to me with sharing and rummaging my archive!! God I love you for doing that and finding things I have forgotten and would have never considered for the book had it not been for You!! I’m behind in this, at my last count! Besides I think You richly deserve someone to Make Your Day wonderful!! What are friends for??? 😊🌹🌹


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