The Promise of a Great Story – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Has anyone ever asked you to tell them a story? How can any author, writer, storyteller, poet, narrator, or bard resist the request? Their pulse quickens, their hearts leap, and their minds race. The anticipation builds to a crescendo, and wide vistas of possibilities stretch their imagination’s outer limits. They relish the chance to witness the creation of a memorable adventure. The audience has high expectations as their gaze falls expectantly on the storyteller.

Stories have power. From ancient times, cavemen gathered around the safety of the night’s fire. The best orator of the tribe arrived to help her small group learn from their collective experiences. Her words supported them by acknowledging share feelings, forging deeper bonds, and uniting them into one powerful unit. Her fireside chats developed a shared legacy. The legends provided a sense of place and meaning in the mysterious world beyond the campfire.

The strongest stories…

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