If you had everything that you ever wanted in life…

Pursue You

Would you be able to accept it? Or would you find a way to somehow get into a thought process, a pattern, that would lead you to self sabotage?

Quite often, we tend to tell ourselves that we want something, but then once we get it, we turn to old thought patterns, telling ourselves, “This is not going to last, I am going to lose this” or “I won’t be successful at this, I will end up failing” – you get the idea. What happens when we continuously stay in these negative thought patterns? We will find something that validates this thought, whether or not it even truly exists, and self sabotage. Then what happens? We do end up losing “this” and we end up “failing.” But we don’t have to continue on doing this. Have you ever wondered why certain people tend to have the SAME exact experience in…

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