Writings On My Wall


Sun salutations
Wrong allegations
Misweighted information
Long lines of waiting
Years we spent wasting
Love we’ve been chasing
Hearts have been breaking
So tired of hating
Constantly debating
Everyone is faking
Lying & taking
People are shaking
The world is deteriorating

What sort of end are you after
Destroyed it all, even the laughter
Killed the love in the heart of the matter
Took to flight, left agony here to gather

They are like Romeo and Juliet destined to be driven apart yet tethered together by the heart

Here it comes, the end again but this time he brought the apocalypse with him. Lasso my smile and pull down my grin cuz here it is the end again.

Did you know
Wherever you are
I still love you

Did you know
Whoever you become
I will always love you

And then he softly asked about my wants, “just forever babe…

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