Oh my lover…


Oh my lover

Kisses not resiste and interlacing bodies twisted-up in the Texas two-step.
The hot Texas nights and lonely souls sharing time and the long Island ice tea.
Sweet lady whispered. No rainbows to find tonight dear Poet.  Let attempt fate, my soldier. The mercy of the long night allowed us to betray the fragile balance of life.

Oh my lover, rage and pain we do know.  Do you dream of me my lover?  I know where to find you. You have locked yourself in a self made prison for a 10,000 days. You told me once. Life have given you a fistful of dirt and silk. The illusion of perfection is reached when people quit pretending and release the walls of safety. Be nude and true to the night moon. Demanding the lover’s payment. The body craving must know peace with cost.

The song ended and we wandered…

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