Charmed Chaos

She lives alone in a lighthouse by the sea. Since she moved here 7 years ago, she’s had the same nightmare each night. A tall man, wearing a hooded shroud whispers her name over and over; ‘Lorelei, Lorelei’. She never sees his face, but yet feels threatened.

Lately in the dream he is talking more, but she has a hard time remembering his words. Only ‘Get ready, I’m coming for you, Lorelei.

One stormy night, Lorelei hears a voice calling her name from outside. She rushes into the darkness, concerned someone may be in trouble. As she makes her way down to the rocks where the waves are crashing the shore, she sees a lone figure. It’s the man in her dream. His shadow shouts on a nightmare scream and his hood falls away, revealing his face.

It is hers and she is screaming.

dVerse Poets Pub: ProseryMaya Angelou

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