Why You can’t finish what you have started? and why you can’t start what you need to finish?

Come read this?


It took me eight years to be where I wanted to be. There were constant move, continuous efforts and reluctance to give up that ambition. Are you willing to put the same efforts, time, energy, and sacrifices in order to be where YOU want to be? Do you know how it will look and feel like being there!

First let’s understand why you stop and drop all your dreams, projects, or any activity type that you have committed to: A person in motion stays in motion unless influenced by an external forces that interact and either stop them or change their interest.

Same applies for people at rest, they will never move to be in motion unless they are influenced or pushed.

It is simply the law of Inertia by Isaac Newton, known as the first law. It is based on the physical world and its motion. Everything…

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