Slow Is A Matter of Perspective – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I’m not a patient person. My modus operandi is setting huge goals and compiling long to-do lists as I schedule my daily and weekly tasks.  Friends and family tell me I am too optimistic, too unrealistic, and too driven. They caution me to decrease my breakneck speed, saying I will burn out and quit. But that only makes things worse. They don’t understand, and with them standing in my way, they make my job more difficult.

I admit I am very Type A and prone to adopting an “I’ll-just-do-it-myself” mentality. But it helps me accomplish my projects without wasting time. I do my best not to roll my eyes when others tell meandering stories. I don’t tap my foot when they can’t decide, and I don’t blow a gasket when they arrive twenty minutes late. The explosion happened at the appointed hour when they were officially late. Spending even two…

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