Love Languages


I have been hearing these words here and there for a while now. Never knew the true meaning and its importants up until today.

Love Languages: The ways we show love and interpret love back. The language we speak when expressing love. Because everyone loves differently and misinterpretations can cause some problems.

Here are the 5 love languages

( I’m not gonna go too deep into each meaning )

1. Words of Affirmation: showing love through language and affirmation. (Compliments, I love yous, videos, texts, emails, etc.)

2. Quality Time: Giving someone your full attention, not just making an effort to spend time.

3. Receiving Gifts: Showing love through things. And no, this does not mean that you’re materialistic. Even the little things count. Hiking, a bike ride, or a flower. You know, nothing too big or too fancy.

4. Physical touch: Showing you love someone by physically touching…

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