Fun in the Sun Summer Poetry Challenge 2020 #FunInTheSun #Poetry #Challenge

Poems for Warriors


A wonderful blog friend of mine, Brooke Cutler, is hosting a “Darling Blog of May” theme for her blog in May, posting new darling poems every day in May, and I think that’s fantastic!

I got to thinking about this brilliant idea she had, and I wanted to “borrow” her idea to come up with a theme for the summer that I could stick to, writing some poems on theme and maybe put together a collection at the end of it.

Now, her idea was to take the word “darling” and then use it in a new poem every day for the entire month of May.

My rules are going to be a bit more relaxed. I want to write a poem a day starting next Sunday, May 10 (Mother’s Day) and ending on Saturday, June 20, the first day of Summer. All in all, it amounts to…

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