Chai And A Chat #82 #ChaiAndAChat #CoronaDiaries Week 6

But I Smile Anyway...

Week six completed of this #newnormal we have all been living in. How are you coping? Are they talking about relaxing Lockdown where you are? Here, there is talk, but nothing concrete. We still have to wait until next week, for the PM and his cronies to give us the next stage of #coronagate.

Anyway, I digress! Have you got your drink ready?

Oh, I don’t know… the days are all blurring into one another, aren’t they?

  • On Monday, I completed a course about Special Educational Needs provisions within school. That was really interesting, and the information will really help me along the way, once we get back to normality.
  • On Tuesday, after the usual morning grocery shop, I came home, and bingewatched Four More Shots Please, on Amazon Prime. If you…

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