Let Go

Go Dog Go Café


AUTHOR”S NOTE:Three years ago today, I wrote this and I still find myself on an incredible journey of self discovery. Thank you to all who have taken the time to read and comment on my posts.You’ve encouraged me through it all!

I have let go of my old life. You know the one. The life where I got up earlier than God, rushed,rushed,rushed. Worked all day, and part of the night. Jetted to somewhere different, worked in a different location, a different city. Encountered harshness no matter where I was. There is little chivalry in an airport. Each man or woman fighting for their own space. Seldom reaching out a hand to help. And if you reach out to help, they view youas a suspicious character. Same song, second verse. Rinse and repeat.Exhausted. Tired to the core of my being; all the time. So much so I spent…

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