Sometimes There Really Is an “I” in Team – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Today the calendar announces the start of a new month, and a chance to begin again. There is no one looking over my shoulder, checking to make sure I finish my assignments and complete my goals. My successes and shortcomings rest on my shoulders. I am the boss, the worker bee, the strategic analyst, the creative director, the janitor, and the person who gets the morning coffee for the group.

I scheduled the team’s monthly review meeting, where we congratulated ourselves for hard-won victories, identify places where we fell short and devise future strategies. We examine the numbers, agree on plan modifications, and narrow the month’s focus. There will be a pep talk followed by high fives. We adjourn the meeting. I stack the various hats in the corner and get to work.

What goals have you set for yourself?


Keep on writing.

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