I Remember You (with a smile)

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I remember you on a glorious cloudless night
where snowflakes of stars light the sky
with a promise of life in darkness
and a sense of warmth amidst
the cold breezy wind

I remember you
with a smile

I remember you in the stillness of the dawn
when the night and day had become
one memorable beautiful moment
as the sun starts to open like
a flower in the horizon

I remember you
with a smile

I remember  you in the chaos of the day
chaotic as the Grand Central Station
lively as people busy enjoying
a bustling place full of noise
pleasant and interesting

I remember you

with a smile

I remember you with all of my heart on this sweet summer May


I welcome May with joy, love and a heart full of gratitude while i remember my father who passed away this month ten years ago. He…

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