Poem In Your Pocket Day

Steps In Between

Poem in Your Pocket Day with STEPS in BETWEEN

Poem in your Pocket Day is April 30th this year, and the perfect send off to an unforgettable National Poetry Month. In some ways, perhaps more poetry was shared due to our isolation with Corona Virus. My hope, with all the sadness and anxiety, with the unfortunate souls lost to this pandemic, is that some how we manage to find reason and comfort within a string of words.

This is my first official poem of the pandemic, and then below you will find LINKS to all kinds of poetry hullabaloo in celebration of “Poem in your Pocket Day.” Scroll down to visit some of these pages and sites with writers from all over the world, and even something special, inspired by Emily Dickinson.

robin for poem in pocket day

String of Words

I take walks now, every day 

during COVID-19’s isolation, while

strings of words catch my eye in

this hopefully not hopeless world.

Not always…

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