Best Kept Secret

Heartstring Eulogies

“I should’ve known that you’d see
how much I loved you.”

You see, I loved you, before I even realized what happened. One second I was my own person, and then you were the missing piece I never realized was gone at all. I wanted to take it back. To keep my heart to myself. Because, for me, nothing good ever came from trusting — let alone loving another creature. But my heart was just as stubborn as I was. So I decided on another alternative. Pretend nothing happened. Bury my heart in the sand and never let you know how I felt for you. You should have been my best kept secret. But I should’ve known you’d see right through me. You knew the instant our eyes made contact that I’d fallen for you. You knew just how much I loved you.

© Sarah Doughty

My eyes betrayed…

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