The Laptop Atelier and Retreat Center – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I am not living in a beautiful woodsy cabin where I can commune with nature. Gentle sea breezes do not waft through my gloriously appointed palm hut with beach access. There are no chef-prepared gourmet meals delivered at predictable hours with linen napkins. Celebratory cocktails served at the end of a productive studio day have not materialized.

My acceptance arrived without a lengthy application process, project proposals, resumes or references required. The cosmos shook up the usual environment and provided the world with time to reflect, research, and produce creative works. My writing desk has morphed, transformed into command central for my everyday activities.

My laptop is the window that reveals museum treasures during online tours. I congregate with other writers in virtual rooms for writing sprints, critiques, and camaraderie. E-courses help me study my craft, learn novel approaches and techniques, and plant seeds for fresh stories. Cook-along videos encourage…

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