Finding Solace

The Girl With The Scorpion Tattoo


“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone”

Note:Honestly, I’d fallen in love with this word, Solace for a long time. But did you notice, when you pronounce the word; Solace, you’re ending it with a smile? Or am I the only one who felt so? Mm.. It may seems to look awfully obsessed with selfishness. But I want to find  put my meaning to it.. 


There in these excerpts from Maria’s diary; “eleven minutes”, I have developed a liking – is it the words she expressed or is it the writing style? Something that wishes me to write in her way and I know it’s a wish, neither two individuals are alike… Maybe it is way too long I haven’t read a fiction, but I found it nice… I found solace in these words. Her story of womanhood, hopes, love, sex, dreams…

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