In the Comfort of Quiet

The Girl With The Scorpion Tattoo


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That last red leaf floated in the air

Like a tiny feather crumbled under my hair

In an ember sun glow over autumn melancholy dwell

Like a warm day with browns and quilt in a spell

Oh Autumn, where have thou been?

Like those hope in their decays, keen

Faded in their wrinkled colours have they,

Lost in a bundle of hays —

Left a trail of withered leaves behind my shadow

Seems forever to catch up the blinking lights,

Spread on a dark canvas of whispering nights

Enveloped by a gentle comfort to wander our souls in silence

Lingering our minds to our thoughts, our words and actions

To the wind to the waves to the universe to our breaths

How wonderful is in comfort of quietness wrapped around in morning mystic dews

Or at late nights with warm

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