why and where the way becomes ~



from this road
onto another
how we bend
how we lean
into a path so unfamiliar –
through the wooded
woods again

I can’t pretend
to know the reasons
why and where
the way becomes
a place we stood
some distant season
making plans
of a sweet unknown

giving heart
our soul’s permission
to write in verses
yet unseen
carving time into a promise
– to find again
the place
we dreamed

. . .

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Don’t Look Away

Sarah Doughty

“Don’t look away, darling.
My brokenness is reflected in your eyes.”

Can you feel it too? How we share a similar haunted past? What it means to feel like there’s nothing left of you but a husk — a memory in a living body? Who we were then, and what we’ve become now? When we felt whole and happy, and the moment it all changed — when the world turned into the dark place we know so well today?

So please, darling. Don’t look away. We feel alone, but at the same time, we are in this together. You don’t have to feel so lost. Because I’m here.

I’m always here. In the dark. With you.

© Sarah Doughty

In the dark with you.

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prophecy ~


stillfrom the still
words are fluttered
into life
key by key
come from silence
into something
more than voice –
much more
than me

poems spread
as bees to honey
moths to flame
I don’t know how
what am I
but a means becoming –
another life
is grace allowed

or misplaced longing –
from the start
I can’t recall
where I was
when first I noticed
without voice
at all

. . .

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Most Importantly, Have Fun.

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Andrew Green's Poems

Seems we found an answer

To that virus thing

It wasn’t like the medics knew

What do experts bring?

Bleach and disinfectant

Ought to do the trick

Flush the sickness out of you

Hit it with a stick.

Ask a snake oil doctor

If you want the truth

No use over thinking

Answers on the hoof.

Have you thought of sunlight?

Fresh air, open doors?

What’s the use of doctors

When you’re in the wars?

Inject with disinfectant

Stick it in your arm

Forget the manufacturers

What could be the harm?

You can’t think I was serious?

Who’d be such a fool?

That’d be ridiculous

Fake news, over-ruled.

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