Desire πŸ’‹ written by Nichole Sulpizio!


Thinking my future was as bright as the sea

Realizing it takes a strong man to handle and conquer me

My mind has once again failed

Full of doubt

There is such a man

The lover i dreamed of is just that

A fantasy

A plea

A precarious fact

The cat in the hat has run of tricks

My life, my love, is weighed down with bricks

This heavy heart that aches so much

It is the taste, the touch, i long for most

Someone sweep me off my feet

Show me life is bountiful and plenty

That love and lust can complete me


Longing for a lover, a friend, a sensitive touch

Quench my desire if you can

Show me lover


This is who i am

It is a fire that burns inside me

This demon feels so good

Release me from my sins

And let the…

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