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Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

In Loving Memory of John Freda 1968-2020

You left
Before I
Could say goodbye
I sit
And can’t help
But wonder why

You were taken
So soon
From us, away
In our hearts
You’ll forever stay

I loved
Your kindness
Your gentle soul
But, alas,
Your absence
Will take its toll

On so many,
Who will never know
Your spirit
Or the sound
Of your laughter,
I can still hear it

A man
Who cared
For so many, but he
“Reach out,
I’m here,
If you ever need me”

A phrase
He would say to me,
Again & again
He’d listen,
And comfort,
And never complain

You were truly
A wonderful friend
To our Alyssa,
You were a godsend

You’re an angel,
In Heaven above
At peace
With our Lord,
Embraced in His love.

©2020 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by John Freda

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The Corner Store – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


RDP Thursday – Corner Shop


Photo: found on Pinterest.

“Sometimes I wonder how normal normal people, and I wonder that most in the grocery store.”   Elizabeth Moon

The Corner Store

The bell tinkles as I push through,
stepping back in time to the
clutter of floor to ceiling,
a veritable treasure trove
complete with social telegraph
punctured only by the till and
hushed tones seeking credit,
children hoping for lollies,
sophisticated teens with milkshakes,
hanging on the veranda
of this humble emporium.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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