The word man…



The word man

Many years ago. In 1991 to 1993. I would read my poetry on the coastline of California.  I had some fans too. Old woman and young girls. They called me the word man. I carry a book of poetry and wrote on the beaches and the nearby mountains. I met many word men and women. Many musicians and surfers hung with us. We had  a lot of beer and liquor.  Best days were in Big Surf. Sharing music and the word. Need more word men and women. Good to listen and learn. Leonard Cohen and Dylan are the first word men for me.  I found many more when I search into the past. Art, word and music is needed. Utopia was forgotten and lost with time. Beauty, song  and words is the last freedom we got.


The word man.

Old man of 36 years old. Drinking…

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