Held Hostage Written By Nichole Sulpizio

Read to the last lines!


Lit candles
Sipping wine
On what brought me
To this ugly place and time
Mistakes of lust
Sins of the flesh
Misguided trust
Villians i let in
Robbed of my innocence
Beliefs lost
Vowing to never be here again
Friends by my side
There arms opened wide
Wiping countless tears
Gulping bottles of red wine
Intense gaze
At the flickering wick
Mouse caught in a maze
Losing grip
Fingers slip
Past ghosts
That haunt me
Watching them burn
In the flames of hell
Burning souls
For what they have done
Smoked obscured tears
Hitting the floor
Banging as hard as i can
Bruised knees
Knuckles bleed
Watching the blood slowly drip
From my fingertips
Painful intensities
Of evil i allowed
To cross my path
Cursing there names
They will never win
Held hostage now
Sun setting
Fist clenched
This fight i will win
This fight…

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