Unconditional love and 8 pieces of wisdom

Rhapsody Bohème

Unconditional love is something powerful and worth striving for. To live and let live, to love all without ulterior motives. To give with nothing and no expectations in return. To refrain from judgement and to respect and value our differences. Unconditional love is giving and understanding when opinions differ. It is an amazing gift and something that is work in progress. There will be times we slip, times someone or something will get under our skin and we act reactive, but it is then that we need to show ourselves a little unconditional love as well, and have the wisdom to recognize our dilemma, to correct our behavior and to move on. Forgiveness is another great piece that goes hand in hand with this. Forgiving others but also forgiving ourselves.

Unconditional love doesn’t require perfect but it requires pure intentions and a pure heart. A genuine desire and something you…

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