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Poetic Inspiration


that tickle the tongue
like fresh cream and strawberries
whipped up in a sweet delight
– moves my heart –

that flash and roar
like a thunderstorm night,
the darker side of life
– sobers my thoughts –

that drift and bounce
like childhood laughter
on a hot summers day
– tickles my funny bone –

lost in words
skillfully crafted,
lyrically strung
by many a fine poet
– leaves me to ponder –

Oh, if it were so simple,
a magical one,
but it is all and much more
that inspires me to write

©Heather Carr-Rowe

napo2020button2-1  Today,s Prompt:  think about your own inspirations and forebears (whether literary or otherwise). Specifically, I challenge you today to write a poem that deals with the poems, poets, and other people who inspired you to write poems. –Nope couldn’t pinpoint just one….

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You seem different lately

Her Writing Haven

dark-2602803_1280You seem different lately
Like you won’t dare budge
Because whatever it is
That thing you’ve decided
You’re now instead
That’s exactly what you are
And it’s interesting
Because I thought you were doing
Just fine
You know – the way you were before
Funny thing is
You’d never admit
You’ve changed
That you’re anything different
Than what you’ve always been
But I see through
All that nonsensical jibber jabber
And you have changed
I know it
I see it
Because I know you
So believe it
Or not
Because I know you like to believe
What you believe
You seem different lately
And you are

© 2020 Michelle Cook

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For you ( Micro poetry)

Megha's World

In response to the Tuesday Writing Prompt at GoDogGo Cafe

For you

Over the horizon
kissed by the crimson tinge
of the setting sun
fleeting touch of the flying seagulls
as they disappear in a thin line
the azure shades of the vast skies
holds the warmth of the setting sun
a token of affection to the
to the passing day
a stark reflection of the love
I hold in my heart for you.

–Megha Sood

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