Finding Joy in Unexpected Places – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Security is a scarce commodity. Uncertainty has replaced peace of mind, social distancing preempts heartfelt embraces and customary greetings, and worry permeates our once-normal life. With daily reports detailing hospital admissions and death counts, I can’t imagine how anyone can be truly happy.

I have heard people relate stories of harrowing experiences. They speak of job loss, illness, dire accidents, emotional trauma, and other life-altering events. You would expect the end of the story to reflect despair, anguish, fear, and total surrender. But. unexpectedly, they say, “it was the best thing that could have happened.” I stand in awe.

These people are survivors. Their spirit is powerful. I know they felt every raw emotion imaginable, cried never-ending tears, and wondered if they would ever recover. The one constant is their ability to find wonder. They grab hold of one thought, one goal, one reason to live. They develop the power…

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