Breathe Again – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon



Photo: David Mcnew, Getty Images.  LA as a result of Corona lock-down and less traffic has clearer skies. Once again Mt. Everest is visible from India and Nepal, and other cities, especially Wuhan, have clear air. For a moment the earth breathes, but only a moment, and we’re not touching even the tip of the carbon berg.

“Silence is only frightening people who are compulsively verbalizing.”  William S. Buroughs

Breathe Again

Why haven’t we done this before,
is the monk’s cell so vulgar,
so stark, that we cannot contemplate
the wholeness of solitude
and turn aside, weary as we are,
to rest a while from the wheel,
letting the earth breathe again,
that we might too.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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