For He Is Risen! Rejoice And Be Glad! Happy Easter!

Happy Easter From Nikki


Today is a beautiful day, For he is risen! Today i reflect on the joyous day this is, and the meaning of what true love really is! True love is that man that died for our sins and rose again to open the gates of heaven! There is no love more pure then the love of the son of GOD!

Today, i can not be with my family, my father, my stepmother, My oldest son, his soon to be wife and my grandbabies, i can not be with my sisters, my brother, my nieces and nephews, and there significant others, nor my aunts or uncles. There is a sadness, however, my two children and i will still carry on a easter feast and eat together! We will video chat my oldest and his family. I will call the rest of my family! I will be thankful for today because i…

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14 thoughts on “For He Is Risen! Rejoice And Be Glad! Happy Easter!

  1. I do worry about You, Sweet One! You are such a Hard Working woman – reminds me of the Song – She Works Hard For the Money!! The cases in NJ jumped to over 60,000! Mask, wash hands, not touching face, blah blah, You know!! You have more to do? Yikes, I hope they are paying you well!
    I feel guilty talking to you about writing so I won’t. Just think about how wonderful it will be to have a glass of Merlot in your hand and closing your eyes to imagine the most wonderful foot rub. That’s a good inspiration.
    Merlot waiting!
    baci di farfalla per gli occhi D’angelo πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜
    Ti Amo B,D, πŸ’–πŸ˜˜πŸ’–


  2. Thanks love just want life to be less complicated for some reason it’s always complicated for me! I feel very loved from people like you chuck thank you for all the love and support πŸ˜˜πŸ’–

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    1. Hey B.D. Your belated Easter present is waiting for you – gm!! Hoping you love it??
      Ha! Yes, I so, know what you mean!! I will be happy to lend you a motto I use a lot about life and it’s struggles – “It’s Always Something”!! And when things start going smoothly be sure and look over your shoulder to see what’s sneaking up on you!! LOL! Well, I’m glad you know that and hope it cheers you up whenever one of those waves washes over you!
      Baci Baci πŸ’‹πŸ’–πŸ˜˜
      Ti Amo – Angel Eyes πŸ’–πŸŒΉπŸ˜


        1. Will be anxious to hear Your thoughts! Be careful out there, Tesoro!! All the protections, please! You know how I worry!!
          baci baci πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸŒΉ
          Ti Amo Precious Princess πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ˜˜


    1. Good Morning Angel Eyes! Msg on gm. Have I told you lately how Awesome Your Icon Photo is?? It is, the best of any photo – Yet! Mmm!
      baci baci πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸŒΉπŸ˜Š
      Ti Amo – Tesoro
      Anxious to hear?


        1. Love it!!! Drip, drip – sweet!! What I said is true! Best Ever – Yet, but maybe nor forever???
          It hurts my heart to hear you saying this, Angel Eyes!! Making new memories will push those thoughts into ancient history and open the door to new joys, happiness, satisfaction and true love. Something that all of us who love and cherish You desire, none more than me!!!
          Hoping for gm happiness????
          baci baci BD πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’–πŸ˜˜πŸŒΉ
          Ti Amo Angel Eyes 😁🌹🌹


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