We’d be free… free just to be.

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girlsI wish I had a friend who would pretend with me once more
Masquerading away the day, we’d be silly and free
Free to be a princess, a pirate, or even a superhero
Regardless of whomever we wanted to be
We’d be free
Free just to be
Oh to be five once again…
To feel alive again…

I wish I had a friend who would ride bikes with me all day
Riding around the neighborhood, we’d be silly and free
Free to explore the park, the zoo, or even the beach
Regardless of wherever we wanted to go
We’d be free
Free just to be
Oh to be ten once again…
To feel alive again…

I wish I had a friend who would spend some time with me
Bumming around together, we’d be silly and free
Free to hang out at the arcade, go bowling, or even catch a movie

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Daily Prompts- Pairs

Keep it alive

They come with a pair oftraits

To beleaguer humanity

With arrogance and ignorance

Hand in hand they advance

Rocking the ship, challenging authority

Saying no to all the common-sense rules

Flouting the regulations and restrictions

They think that they are an island

Existing in a world of their own

They want to bend the laws to suit

Whatever plan that is in their heads

And of course, they want to have their cake and eat it too

( “They” – Are those who are not listening to the rest of us and are trying to flout the restrictions imposed on us to stay indoors)

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Photo prompt round-up: Together #writephoto

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Peace amid turmoil

The sound of fear is silenced

Inner joy remains

As one in golden moments

Following the path of light


The photo for this week’s prompt was taken one evening on the seashore near Blackpool. It was a quiet moment at the end of a very long day… and a perfect way to end it.

Thank you to everyone who took part, visited or reblogged the posts or left comments for their authors.

A new prompt will be published later today. As always, I will reblog as many contributions as space and time allows as they come in… and all of them will be featured in the round-up next Thursday.

All the posts are listed below, so please click on the links below to read them and leave a comment for the author!

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Photo Challenge #310

Keep it alive

Nekneerajis the host of Photo Challenge

black suv in between purple flower fields

Photo by Viktor Lundberg onPexels.com


On the road towards my dreams

I give full throttle to the engine

The horizon looks near but I never get there

But I don’t give up, I keep on pursuing my goals


The Prompt;

Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.



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The Trying ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Walt's Writings

When your health starts to fail
Or your relationship
Or your job
That’s when The Trying begins
You start trying to understand why
What happened?
What did I do?
What should I have done
More hateful
You start trying to convince yourself
That you’re getting better
But you know you’re not
You’re getting worse
You’re getting more bitter
More angry
More hateful
And more hated
And then you realize
The Trying has won

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

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