Joy and Gratitude During Difficult Times – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Current global events highlight how short and fragile life can be. 2020 is a stark reminder that we did not receive any warranties or guarantees. It is our responsibility to treat every day as precious and live it. Waiting for spring has taken considerable patience. Now April rains dampen my world, and misty mornings leave the muddy ground a squidgy quagmire that is best avoided. I rejoice because it is rain and not snow. I shed multiple layers as daily temperatures steadily creep higher, daylight grows longer. I commend the brave tulips as they push golden-green leaves into the sunlight.

The darkness recedes, and nature responds. Buds swell on bushes and trees, and the weight of winter lifts. It is time to sing, play and celebrate life. We need not make drastic changes, we already possess the skills to enjoy a more fulfilled existence. We have shining examples of people…

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