Beautiful Disaster! Written By Nichole Sulpizio xoxo

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He can see the pain in her eyes

She can not disguise

The hurt

She opens up

She lets him in

With a single touch of his hand

She leans in to his body

As she trusts him so

His eyes tell her its okay

To just let go

She does not know how to show

She wants to cry in his arms

She thinks she will feel safe there

Beautiful disaster

She is in awe by his charm

The air so thick and hot


She is sweating

Burning up in her sweater

Hoping he understands

She is lost

And he is there

Unaware of how she hurts

Things so buried deep inside

She walks away to hide the tears falling from her eyes

Beautiful disaster

She feels his lust in every touch

As it takes a special guy

To open her up again

To the possibility

Of loving

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