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Today’s Word of the Day is Distant.

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One thought on “Distant

  1. The sun and moon are distant.
    The distance between them only strengthens their desire to fill the space between.
    The sun is massive and warm and covers all.
    He covers all but the moon.
    He cannot cover the moon as he does so the Earth.
    He desires her more than anything else as she is the one he cannot reach.
    The moon is a quiet, thoughtful kind.
    She is also lonely.
    She doesn’t feel the sun, doesn’t get to appreciate basking in his warmth or embrace of rays.
    She pines for him up in the sky, and sometimes finds herself remaining even after he’s awake to admire him, not knowing he admires her too.
    Sadly, the couple are passing ships, switching places and forever seeming to be far apart even when both present.
    The sun and moon both sigh, continuing their duties.
    They often wonder why they must be so distant when they are so alike.


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