Dangerous places and beautiful faces…


Dangerous places and beautiful faces.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


It is good to walk upon the edge.


                         Dangerous places and beautiful faces.

Dangerous places and secret rendezvous.
To swim in uncontrolled passion and enjoy the sweet taste of love.

Dancing in the Russian roulette of love,
where lovers are fearless of consequences and action.

Your beautiful face controlled my thoughts.
No-one or obstacle can delay my journey into your arms.

Your beautiful brown eyes stole my heart and mind.

I know we are dancing on trouble water.
Where no-one can survive.

We do not fear the ending.
Our hunger to fall deeper into the heat of desire is our only goal.

Love and time isn’t fair.
The sweet taste of love please the lovers,
blind them to the road blocks and the separation.

Dangerous places and beautiful faces are the reasons
the lovers have no fear of the…

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Captive heart…


Captive heart

Divine woman love the Fall days. The cooler days make her wander into deep forest and search for quiet meadows and beautiful places. She love the feel of the freedom in the sacred morning where the animals run free and the noise of the city is faraway.

I told her. I’m just a beggar wanting the attention of content woman. You have capture my heart and thoughts. I will write songs and words for you till you can only see me.”

She laughs at my words and she told me. “We must drink in the beauty of nature, be kind to all living things and remember the living. Never forgetting the dead. The kind elders who taught us. Nature and us must be one. Dear Johnnie. You are my ray of sun in the mist of the cold days. My captive heart is your to hold till you…

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kitchen stripping

Charmed Chaos

Appealing tangerine peeling
Revealing its tender flesh to the air
As the aroma of crisp citrus rushes in
The fools stop and stare
At the nakedness of the fruit

Following suit the lacy fern
Sits in the sunny window
Pushing forth and unfurling
Its alien curled fronds
Exposing a tender heart

Watching the striptease
In the kitchen unfold
A pearl white oval egg
With its smooth porcelain skin
Waits patiently to be
Cracked by a human hand

Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: Caution Tender Buttons

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Today’s Word of the Day is Distant.

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If I Am Quiet

House of Heart

I can watch butterflies

float weightless over gardens

Stained glass collages of

amber rust and brown

set in facets of sable veins

they hover over flowers

compound eyes and fluttery feelers

faces smeared flaxen

too fine for the eye to see

Free from all fear

death is not a concept on

their mystical journey

If I am silent I can watch.

art by Nature Works

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In My Head

Sarah Doughty

“We are perfect.
It’s just you and me
and that’s all that matters.”

In my head, we are perfect. We snuggle and hold each other every night. We kiss every chance we have, and sometimes just get lost in each other’s eyes. Those moments are the ones I live for. The ones where everything else falls away. And I know, it’s just you and me and that’s all that matters.

But on the outside, I’m keeping my distance from you, and no matter how much screaming goes on in my head, I can’t reach out to hold your hand, or to lean into your side and let you hold me. I find it hard to kiss you with abandon — like any normal couple would. I can barely look in your eyes, not because they aren’t breathtaking — because they are. And I know, if I let you see, you’ll…

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