Silence !


kilyan-sockalingum-1293386-unsplashSilence has a wide vocabulary,
difficult to comprehend,
ironical as may seem,
sometimes it is too loud,
a choir of confusion or
a tragedy in translation.
and then come those times
when it is so dead,
as if void of life,
that you cannot listen
your own heartbeat.

Never the same, it is
though may seem similar
always comes with different emotion
and changing circumstances,
always presents something new to unravel
beneath its layers of complexity.
it may be something you want to hear,
or you may fear to know,
something you were waiting to see,
or not, all along.

It may be a friend, constantly evolving
or a relentless enemy.
Form, fashion, manners, different or same
it will forever remain
the most welcome and also the most unwanted
part of our lives.


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