Let Me Sleep on It, Baby, Baby – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I suspect we are all experiencing abnormal sleep patterns. Stress, uncertainty, altered schedules, and worry contribute to insomnia. Add unprecedented layoffs, furloughs, or reduced hours for some, and overtime requests and increased exposure concerns for others, and you might wonder how anyone is sleeping at night. Whether you are working from home, home without work, or are an essential worker, any tenuous grasp on normalcy has been severed. Then there are the kids.

We need a firm schedule, sunshine, exercise, and elusive sleep. Experts recommend waking at the same time every morning and indulging in at least 30 minutes of sunlight to regulate our circadian rhythms. They suggest gentle workouts help mitigate anxiety, and they advise against using devices leading up to your normal bedtime. The trouble is, when the room goes dark, irrational fears creep from under the bed, and threaten to drag you down the rabbit hole of one more sleepless…

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