When I Die

Heartstring Eulogies

“So when I die, don’t be sad.
I’ll still be with you.”

When I die, let me go. Don’t hold on to the shell of what I was. Don’t reminisce about our years together. Don’t grieve. My spirit needs to be set free, and yours needs to be free of me, even as nothing more than a ghost. Because all I did was hold you back.

When I die, set me free. I know that your world will darken for a time, but you deserve to move on. You deserve to finally be happy. You deserve to live a life where you are loved the way you should be loved.

When I die, scatter me to the wind, settle parts of me in the mountains, let a bit of the sea take me away, and let the last of me burn away. Because those are all the places I have…

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