Mother Earth

Charmed Chaos

I’ve walked this familiar street before
Where silence reigns and the only companions
My dog and the melodic singing of the mockingbird

My feet tread lightly here, for there is nothing to fear
As I pause to watch a swallowtail floating
On this glorious morning’s zephyr

Overhead, I see a bluebell cloud swept sky
All around, signs of chartreuse spring gleaming
And colorful blossoms sprouting with joy

And still, the Grim Reaper comes calling
For so many humans every single day
So now we pay for our blissful ignorance

Yet the stars still shimmer in a black sky
The moon rises and sways the tides
While Mother Earth orbits the sun

In the natural world, life goes on as if
Nothing of importance is happening
Can you taste and see the the color of irony?

For we, the ‘intelligent beings’ have been doing the same
As our planet and her…

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