Death – #SprintFiction

But I Smile Anyway...

Another little prompt from that writing group on Facebook. We did a live sprint, or rather, several, and then ended up with a ten minute flash writing challenge.

The prompt was Death.

This was what came to me…


DEATH Death. Huh. You don’t scare me. Really. You’re just a namby-pamby character in a stupid, dark, hooded costume. That scythe? It looks like you ordered it from Amazon. Seriously. You know what scares me more? Suffering. It’s not the fact that you want to take me. It’s more how you plan on doing it. Will it hurt? How long will it last? And will I be able to see my family one last time? Now that. That scares me the most. Never seeing my family again. Not being able to say goodbye. Not being there to give guidance to my children, be the lifetime companion of my partner, be the support…

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