Scarlet Flax

Charmed Chaos

April dawns with scattered clouds
Obscuring the daybreak sun
March’s roaring lion lingers on
In brisk breezy morning air

I find myself pondering
What this new spring will bring
For I am a fool who believes
In the beauty of small things

And today among the profusion
Of bold purple and yellow blooms
I spy shocking red petalled blossoms
With centers of stark ebony stars

The delicate scarlet flax is lovely
Oh, what a brave little wild flower
To have the courage to grow
Among bigger, brighter colored flowers

And yes, you may think me foolish
To write of a simple red bloom
But poets are sentimental fools
Finding grace in the smallest of things

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads: April 2020- Days 1-5

dVerse Poets Pub: Seeing Red

Author’s Note:Here we go- Day 1 of National Poetry Writing Month!

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