my life is a climb, the journey
to reach the top wasn’t obviously easy
i trekked some hard trail
and arduous path
there were challenging course
and bumpy roads
at some point i swore
by my right hand
moving forward
is unforseen

but i made it to top actually,
with lips sealed, i said a little prayer
of thank you to God Almighty

the view from the top
is breathtaking
you see every one below
as little tiny creatures,
like a tiny piece of fish swimming,
or a small bird chirping
they look nice and adorable

and it dawned to me
will it make difference if
i go back where i started
and usher them all along with me
or help them get where i am
simply from the top?

Linking also to  with this as NPM promt 1, use the following words in a poem – fish…

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